Saturday, February 13, 2010

All About My Husband

Jeanne - My husband was Steve Lehman. He was a man of passions. I use to say that his interests were fishing, football and flying and he enjoyed all of them to the max. He was passionate about his family. He (and I) felt so blessed to have been given the gift of our son through adoption. He was a very devoted husband. The best. But his greatest passion was for his Lord and Savior. His story is long and complicated but he had developed a rare disease that was not well understood and eventually was not controlled well medically. What we were told would not kill him, did. And though he had suffered many years, his death was a complete and utter shock....totally unexpected. This was not my plan. We were to live like our parents and grandparents and grow old together. I've been cheated. But I also feel so very blessed to have had 26 years with this man of God who was a true spritual leader for our home.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

All About Me

Dana - I became a widow at age 52 and it changed my life forever. My relationship with God is stronger than ever and I know what it means to have faith, even when you don't understand. As a teacher/professor, I have a busy life filled with work and lots of activities. I enjoy dancing, Yoga, Pilates, and most recently ballet. I am most happy with I'm actively involved in life.